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A challenging adventure for the whole family! You and your team will be immersed as our escape room comes alive with lights, sounds, and smells. Come experience the escape-game everyone in Reno is raving about!

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Why Our Escape Room?

wooden coffin and a cabinet props to solve the puzzle

Highly Realistic Playing Field

Our escape games take place in highly realistic environment filled with carefully chosen props collected from around the world. We have spent countless months preparing games to provide you with the fullest experience possible.

vampire slaying kits

Immersive Experience

You will be amazed with the level of detail in our rooms. The lights, sounds and even the smells make your experience even more realistic!  We have applied much effort in the development of highly-creative rooms, props, tasks, and more.

man and woman solving a puzzle

Challenging Quest

We invested and reaserched a great deal of time to develop an escape game unlike any other.  Gather your team together and be prepared to puzzle your way through a mysterious house full of scares, secrets, and surprises around every corner.

How Does it Work?

Your team of 2 to 8 will have 61 minutes to decipher the clues, complete unique challenges and solve mind-expanding puzzle games. In this immersive private escape room adventure, you’ll attempt to earn a chance at immortality. On a search through an old victorian house, you will try to recover the “Blood of the Original.” We wish you the best of luck… You’re going to need it!

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The puzzles found in this mystery-filled game are challenging and riveting. Solve the mystery before it is too late!

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About the Game

You are…
honorary members of the “House of Baloga”, a dynasty of Vampires who have called Europe home for centuries.
Your quest is…
to recover the “Blood of the Original” in a mysterious victorian house owned by an eccentric collector who has stolen the blood.
You have to overcome…
a series of unique and creative puzzles in an immersive and stirring environment filled with thrilling lights and sounds that enhance your adventure.
You could win…
Immortality! If you are clever and daring enough, you could successfully complete the game’s quest and win the promise of immortality.


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