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Dharavi Slum Tour in Mumbai is a Unique Unforgettable Experience Tour

Dharavi slum tour with a professional tour operator in Mumbai. Well, Dharavi is World’s largest slum with more than a million people living in the thatched huts. It is exactly in the middle of this vibrant city with two suburban rail lines running on both sides. It is also considered to be the heart of many small scale industries.

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Dharavi Slum Tour is Walking Tour with Tour Guide

Take a guided tour of the largest slum in the World and get to know about various unique things in this part of the city. Dharavi Slum Tour is Walking Tour with Tour Guide Visit the recycling area of the slum where the old plastics and computers come from around the world.Furthermore, taste the freshly baked biscuits at a bakery and see how artisans craft beautiful clay pots. It also has a community to teach people various activities and its sponsor is an NGO . Undoubtedly, this small slum tour will change the way you think about the Dharavi slum in Mumbai.

On this slum tour, you will see a completely different side of the financial capital. When you travel through the slum, you will see people doing various kinds of activities, such as recycling, pottery-making, baking and much more. There are also plenty of small-scale industries in Dharavi that manufacture plastic goods, embroidered clothes, soap, etc. In fact, the goods are manufactured in very small units that are spread all across the slum.They are not only sold in domestic markets but in international markets as well. Besides that, Dharavi has plenty of specialist industries because people coming from different parts of India bring in their skills along

Dharavi Slum Tour will change the way you think about it

Real-life of Talented Slum Dwellers

If you want to experience the real-life of talented slum dwellers, you must take a Mumbai slum tour to Dharavi. But don’t consider this slum tour as poverty tourism as this place has become very popular for good reasons.Besides that,  you will see how people in Dharavi slum can achieve greater things in spite of living in adverse conditions. You will witness the older people busy with their work and children running around without any worries or sorrow.

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