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ACKERMAN breast reduction surgery marker.Ackerman Areola Marker is ordinarily used in vertical mamma..
Anderson Bear Claw retractor is a broadly useful device utilized in facelift and other plastic medic..
Breast areola marker set of 2, One piece is stainless steel, and other is Aluminium material.Size St..
Breast Dissector, reduction surgery Oval Spatulated Blade. Material: stainless Steel.Finish: Go..
Dissector for breast reduction surgery, Spatulated Blade, 33cmMaterial: Stainless steel.Finish: Sati..
FREER SEPTUM KNIFE, MUCOSA SCALPEL rhinoplasty nose surgery,16CMMaterial: Stainless SteelFinish:..
Aufricht Rasp is a useful instrument for the bone rub in nasal re useful techniques. The curve of th..
The kind of Aufricht Nasal Retractor is a helpful tool and is a bit different from others. It is con..
AUFRICHT Nasal Retractors is a rhinoplasty or nose surgery instrument used inside the nasal. This in..
Ballenger septum gouge is utilized in nasal reconstructive medical procedures. It comprises of a str..
 Anthelix Cartilage files are accessible for left and right ear utilized for auricular plastic ..
CASTROVIEJO CALIPER 9CM 40MM MEASURING RANGEMaterial : 410 StainlessFinish: SatinWarranty: 3 Years,O..
COTTLE-MASING Mucosa facelift rhytidectomy Needle Holder, Smooth Jaws, Delicate, Shaft 6cmMaterial: ..
D'ASSUMPCAO FACE LIFT MARKER, WITH RATCHET, 6 1/4" (16 CM)Material: 410 Stainless steel.Finish: Sati..
Suction Elevator is Rhytidectomy instrument that can be utilized as a multipurpose apparatus in nume..
We manufacture an abdominal hysterectomy surgical instruments specially using in operating ward / r..
We manufacture abdominal surgery instruments, and abdominoplasty surgery is a sub-category of plasti..
Abdominoplasty surgical instrument set  consisting of huge variety of surgical instruments desi..
Balfour Abdominal Retractor, 180mm Spread Max. -39%
Balfour Abdominal Retractor, 180mm Spread Max.Balfour Abdominal Retractor is a self-holding / retain..
$99.00 $59.90
Yancoskie Coronal Lift Retractor is a valuable device in facelift and other plastic surgery strategi..
Deaver Surgical Retractor 32cm -46%
Deaver Surgical Retractor is the surgical hand tool and a key instrument in the abdominal surgery or..
$20.00 $10.75
TC Adson Thumb Forceps are high quality from tungsten carbide for a sturdy and solid instrument. Acc..
Adson-Brown Tissue Forceps, 9x9 Teeth, and 7x7teeth, Side Grasping, 4-3/4" Overall Length  ..
Blepharoplasty instruments Owing to the shortage of a typical nomenclature across various manufactur..
Non tightened finger ring blepharoplasty iris scissors are utilized to isolate the shallow belt arou..
Material: 410 Stainless Steel.Finish: SatinOpening Size: 20mmOverall Length: 7cm..
Who We Are:-

Gulmaher Surgico is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Surgical tools, and Plastic surgery instruments including Liposuction cannula and instrumentation of all sorts With over 8,000 products, We serve the needs of hospitals, surgical centers, clinics and more throughout the U.S. and worldwide. 
      Some procedure involves following specialty surgeries accordingly.
1-    Breast reduction surgery or commonly known as breast augmentation. 
2-    Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery. 
3-    Rhinoplasty-nose surgery joined with the nose correction and reshaping.  
4-    The Abdominoplasty belly fat surgery very common term is “Tummy Tuck”. 
5-    Facelift or rhytidectomy for overall face reconstruction and enhancement. 
                    We are the Key specialist of cosmetic surgery instruments based in Sialkot-Pakistan. ISO13485 & CE Mark certify us. We have a facility of CNC Cutting machines, Vibrators and all necessary machinery to produce accurate tools. Our other product lines contain surgical instruments and scissors of all sorts.  Feel free to contact us in case of any need; you could get instruments at your doorstep this would be our priority. We aim to provide On-time Delivery, good quality instruments at competitive prices.